What is RAW to you? An exercise to better understand the value we see in our community

The purpose of creating this topic is to enhance our understanding of each other’s view of Raw Dao as a place of communion and hopefully pave some of the ways toward creating a community proposal

For me, Raw is (and has been) an opportunity for discovery while building something meaningful.
I’ve made connections with people from all over the world. Learned and acquired a deeper understanding of Web 3, Daos and NFT photography while putting my skills to practice in a new context.

Joining Raw was a big financial commitment that has paid off both spiritually and monetarily.
I love being part of Raw because it has allowed me to re-connect with my passion for photography. It has also given me some financial freedom to continue pursuing my art practice. Being part of a community of creators, collectors and investors has inspired me to become better and to push myself further in order to fulfill my professional and personal goals.

to me these have been the greatest benefits of being a member :
-Acceleration in the NFT photo navigation curve
-Ease and encouragement to remain current on what’s going on
-Engaging with amazing artists and people in general and learning from them
-Putting my skills to work in new, exciting, challenging and thought-provoking situations
-Networking (AKA getting to know ya’ll)
-Receiving compensation for the work and time invested