CC Season 5 (July/22) Nominations Discussion

Everyone is welcome to discuss the works nominated for this season of community curation! :art: All members are encouraged to join in the discussion, even if they were not the one’s submitting the nominations.

Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts!

Dame — Photographs / 4th Carolina
Alessandra Sanguinetti — The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams
Margaret Murphy — Just a Thot
Baskara Puraga — Question Mark
Uğur Araz — Love Is More Than Just A Kiss
Mesut Felat — Chasing Color
Roe Ethridge — 22 Pigeons
poulomi basu — centralia
Barry Sutton — 96° in the Shade
Scott Strazzante — Common Ground

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Collecting from Alessandra and Poulomi is a no brainer, There are also some pieces that will go well with our diversity mindset. Incl Baskara from Indonesia he is doing very well with his other pieces in other platforms.

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An interesting note on Roe’s 22 pigeons (I didn’t nominate the project, just jumping in here) – the work, although based on his well know 4x5 Pigeon works, toying with ubiquity – was created for the NFT space, also referencing algorithmic processes and screen culture. It then journeyed back into the physical world recently as a print edition with Gagosian at Art Basel. Interesting indicator of value perhaps?

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Personally rooting for Poulomi Basu and Alessandra Sanguinetti (Magnum). Besides the diversity argument already made, these are also esthetically beautiful. Both collections are coherent with urgent themes and speak of high level photographic craftsmanship.

Also would like to see one of Roe’s Pigeons collected. I nominated this collection. The work is beautiful and technically outstanding. Roe Etheridge is a blue chip artist and collecting his work will bring long term value to the collection of RAW.

A sequence has to sing. It’s not just something to decode and find the true meaning of. I have to feel its harmonies and disharmonies. It’s like a son.
—Roe Ethridge

More work of Roe’s work here: Roe Ethridge | Gagosian

I too voted for Poulomi Basu and Alessandra Sanguinetti. Those are great works, and important. Otherwise, my bad for being absent and not nominating a collection this season, last season was much stronger overall, and this one has a few nominations that scare the shit out of me, in a bad way. :sweat_smile:

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Absolutely love Alessandra Sanguinetti’s work, especially ‘The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams’. I did have questions about Fellowship Studio or @fellowshipstudiothree its handle, which Alessandra (and also Jonas Bendiksen’s) work is listed under. But this has largely been answered as it has become more clear what actually is.

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