CC Season 4 (June/22) Nominations Discussion

Everyone is welcome to discuss the works nominated for this season of community curation! :art: All members are encouraged to join in the discussion, even if they were not the one’s submitting the nominations.

Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts!

Pietro Paolini - Buscando A Bolívar
Niall O’Brien - Blue Crawfish
Kashayar Sharifaee - Pilgrims
Jacob Riglin - Dream Lab Reflections
Harm Van Den Dorpel - Animal Configurations
Rizacan Kumas - Panoramic Portraits
Ella Barnes - Soul Shapes
Calla Kessler - Home In The Heartland
Julio Bittencourt - Ramos
Woody Gooch - 7 Atmospheres
Lisa Bukreyeva - Where I Was Born
Roberto Salazar - Portable Network Graphics
Reuben Wu - 14Th Century Series
Ella Barnes - Soul Shapes
Klea Mckenna - Rainbow Bruise
Omar Z. Robles - City-Dads
Trevor Traynor - Newstands
Romina Hendlin - Beach Vendors
Brook Didonato - Make Yourself At Home

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Just completed my votes! This is perhaps my favorite round of nominations so far, the Season in which I voted for most collections I think.

My favorites have to be:

  • Pietro Paolini — Buscando a Bolivar: of course this one we’ve already went through last season and I made the case for its artistic substance and emotional depiction of South american life, feels to me like an important addition to our collection both for what it delivers as art and for stepping outside of the north-american-european subject.
  • Lisa Bukreyeva — Where I Was Born: such a skillfully executed work!!! Interesting subjects, creative lighting (at times reminiscent of Pietro Paolini’s work), amazing color selection, emotional scenes; the overcast shots convey a sense of impending doom, as if to know what was to come for the region. Not to mention the social and diversity upsides of being a collection shot by a Ukrainian woman. 10 out of 10 for me, would be disappointed if we didn’t collect this one.

I’ve ended up voting for 7 collections in total, but these two really stand out for me.


Hello everyone. “Ramos” by Julio Bittencourt is my first nomination. I believe RAW wants to be more geographically inclusive and as a brazilian, I thought I should present a brazilian artist. I’ve known Julio for 10 years. He is prolific, obsessed by his work and has won Brazil’s most important photography prizes. Here is a link with more information about the artist:


This month I nominated Harm van den Dorpel’s Animal Configurations

Harm van den Dorpel is a Dutch OG net artist and founder of the first NFT gallery, left gallery and he was the first artist to sell an NFT to a museum in 2015 (on Bitcoin to MAK Vienna).

Also he is famous for his ‘Mutant Garden Seeder’ gen art project - acquired by Fingerprints DAO Mutant Garden — FingerprintsDAO

The role of technology in his works is a means to an end: a tool to increase the understanding of our experience. “I seek to produce works that explore not only the technological hardware we use in our daily lives, but how we use it, the modalities of interface that are created, enabled, facilitated and restricted by the advance of technology.”

Besides digital and gen art, he also makes photographic works. I think it would be valuable for RAW to acquire one of his Animal Configurations and to have him as an artist in RAW DAO.

A couple nominations that stand out to me:

  • Pietro Paolini — Buscando a Bolivar I discovered this work last season and was surprised to see it not collected from the last round. The images are excellent, they remind me of some of the work of Magnum photographers, depicting authentic everyday life in South America. In effort to make our acquisitions more diverse, I think this work is taking a step in that direction. And looking between the 3 collections on Foundation of the work, few pieces remain which I think could make for a good case of a good investment.

  • Ella Barnes — Soul Shapes Ella’s work is easily identifiable, her abstract and graphic cyanotypes are some of the most unique and well done that I’ve seen both in the space and having seen many cyanotype works in the traditional art world. There are only 3 works left on reserve, with some notable collectors having her work including sashaku and art pleb.

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For Rainbow Bruise, Klea McKenna transitions her well collected (SF Museum of art, Getty, Victoria and Albert Museum, etc) analogue photograms into the digital space. This transition is deliberate and thoughtful, creating new works specifically for the NFT space, using new digital tools to push forward her exploration of our current situation as a mother.

The work is brave, personal and Klea has embraced the digital NFT space with the awareness of it being more than a marketplace – a place where new tools can allow her to share her experiences in new ways.